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Пинда сведана

Пинда сведана е третман со топли памучни топки исполнети со билки кој често се изведува истовремено со две топки на двете страни од телото.

Целта на овој третман е:

  • релаксација на зглобовите и мускулите,
  • ослободување на тензиите и отворање на порите за да се дозволи апсорбција на лековитите супстанции и отстранување на токсините преку потење.

Овој третман ја намалува болката, заморот и анксиозноста.

Времетраење на третманот 40 до 60 минути.

Цена за единечен третман: 1 800.оо мкд

Шифра: 1104

Ayurvedic treatments

Pinda Swedana

Pinda Sweda is a unique treatment offered by The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre that combines massage and sweat therapy.

Using the standard heat and oil process at the core of the majority of Ayurvedic massage treatments, Pinda Sweda also uses ‘rice puddings’ or medicinal rice cooked with herbs and bundled into soft cotton to create heat-holding boluses.

This treatment is usually recommended for the aching joints and muscles commonly associated with arthritic conditions, back pain and muscle stiffness.

It can also be used to delay the ageing process and help manage and treat:


 Multiple sclerosis

•Muscle weakness and paralysis

After being greeted by your therapist, your 60 minute treatment will commence in our beautifully warmed treatment room with a soothing foot soak while an Ayurvedic consultant begins massaging the head, shoulders and neck.

With the soothing sounds of Gandharva (a soothing traditional style of Indian music) playing, your therapist will massage warm medicinal oil over the entire body before applying the rice boluses to specific areas using varied pressure to remove stiffness and clear the bodily channels.

After the boluses have been used, the contents are removed from the bundle and massaged into the skin before being removed with banana leaves.

The treatment is concluded in the specially designed meditation space where guests can sip freshly brewed tea and rest quietly as their body and mind recalibrates after their treatment.

This treatment helps promote the elimination of toxins while enhancing circulation and blood flow.

Other benefits include: • Reduction in stress and insomnia

 Soothe and restore dry skin

 Stress relief

 Management of inflammation, swelling and pain

Duration of treatment 40 to 60 minutes.

Price of a single treatment: 30 euro

Code: 1104

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